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Themed ideas for songs give purpose to writing song lyrics. The subject of song ideas will often appear only after  the writing of the song lyrics has begun. The ideas for songs that you find on this page are an alternative way to begin writing. Choose a theme, look for lyric ideas that fit well with the theme and begin writing.  Keep re-evaluating how well youíre telling the story as you write. The emotion behind your ideas for songs should be clear. The theme for your song ideas should be re-visited through the lyrics or at least as a hook or chorus. Song ideas can be extremely varied as the list below shows.  Your ideas for songs can come from being aware of your own feelings about your everyday life or the lives of others you know or hear about in the news. Ultimately, your choice for the subject of your songs will come from ideas for songs that you feel comfortable writing about.
If you prefer the current style of lyrics that reflects normal speech or contains apparent random lines, why not write a brief story based on your experiences that have prompted song ideas.  Remove words unnecessary to the telling of the story.  Highlight only key phrases and use them to write your lyrics. Your ideas for songs will work well if you can inject personal feelings, personality traits and attitudes into the song. Random lyrics can be compared to a spider chart with separate thoughts that interconnect with the central theme in some way. If we wrote down our random thoughts its possible that only we or a close friend or relative would understand the connections.  In order for ideas for songs like this to work well, the connecting thoughts should at least be hinted at so the listener can imagine the implied meaning of our song ideas.
Love that isnít returned
You were once in love with a girl who became more to you than a friend. She never knew how strongly you felt. Time has passed and she still values your friendship. However, itís messing with your head. She has no idea how much it hurts to just be friends. It would be easier if she would stay away, but every time she contacts you, you feel the pain once more. How can you tell her to leave you alone when she wonít take every hint youíve tried to drop? Whatís worse is that she wants your advice constantly. Every time sheís between boyfriends, she contacts you. Sheís always viewed you as no more than her closest friend. IT HURTS. However, you canít bring yourself to hurt her by telling her never to contact you again.
The things that bothered you at this age in comparison to your life now.
Love Lost
Youíre invited to the wedding of someone you loved, broke up with, but realised too late that they were the only one for you.
The Joker
You have a friend who tells stories pretending they are real, then lets you know they are untrue.  You never know when to believe him.  He hides who he really is.
Text Mistake
You write a text message to a friend.  Instead of sending it to the friend, you send it to the person you are putting down.  Your blood suddenly runs cold and it causes painful problems with your relationship.
Overbearing husband/partner/parent who tries to control every aspect of your life.  You feel hemmed in and are constantly scared of reprisals.  Mixed emotions of fear, helplessness and indecision.
Change going on at work. People keeping secrets. Possible job loss. Do you stay or do you go decision difficult to make. Unnerving. Job becoming mundane.  Interfering with home life and work environment.
To love or not to love
Someone is in love with you.  Youíre not in love with them and you donít know how to let them down gently without hurting their feelings.  How long do you wait to know whether you could ever love them?
Same thing happened to me
You have a friend who every time you say something happened to you, it happened to them only worse.  You get caught out in the rain, they get caught out in a storm AND they were struck by lightening.
Worried about a younger brother or sister or your child.  Their life has no purpose, theyíre in to all the wrong things.  They wonít take advice and you see disaster heading their way. Causes you fear and frustration. They wonít let you protect them.
Struggling with a phobia.  You fail many times but keep trying to get over it.  May be a small thing to others, but itís a massive obstacle to you. Always on the look out for new ways to overcome the problem.
Experiencing deep meaningful joy can be an exhilarating experience.  This is especially true when the joy comes from relationships with those you love. Strong emotion surrounding an event like the birth of your first child, marriage or falling in love is always worth writing about.
Own worst Enemy
You keep making the same mistakes.  You feel terrible.  You know that youíre your own worst enemy, but how do you walk away from yourself.  You have to change but just donít seem able to.
You have the opportunity of moving to another country. Your new life could be idyllic. However, youíll leave behind all your friends. Itís moving day, but leaving hurts.
Youíve been waiting a long time for something youíve dreamed of to happen.  You canít believe you finally have your hopes come true.  Now you are wondering whatís next. Should you have been so obsessive about your dream? Has it all been worth it?
Right Move Wrong Move
A friend wants to move into the spare room in your home.  You care about him and know heís in need, but how will that affect your current situation?  Itís a case of heart rules head or head rules heart.
You find a website about missing persons. You feel for distraught relatives. You read the messages begging for safe return of children, teenagers or other loved ones. You remember to pray that God will watch over them and their families.
Most people spend a whole lifetime looking for answers to the big questions in life e.g. Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? The answers may have been staring them in the face and they never knew. (contact this web site for the answers)
Making New Friends
It can be difficult moving to a new area and making new friends, especially when youíre young and inexperienced. Check out this heart warming childrenís story for further ideas on this theme. (Impolite Village by Michael Grass)
Lack of Respect
Everyone expects kids to respect teachers and parents, but when teachers and parents donít respect kids, theyíre left hurt, confused, angry and depressed. Could it be time for kids to set the right example for adults or should adults come to their senses and effect the changes before itís too late?
How do you stop people making false accusations against you. It hurts. E.g. If youíre not painting the door red, how can you stop painting it red. Some situations, you canít solve because itís up to other people to change. Is there a good way of coping?
Your life needs new momentum. You are at the crossroads of change. How do you make the next step happen? What are the obstacles in your way? How do you remove the barriers preventing you from initiating the changes? How do you make your dreams for the future realistic and achievable?
When someone you know tells lies about someone you care about it can be very hurtful.  If they then act as if they havenít done anything wrong it can make you very angry. The dilemmas involved can bring the relationship to an uncomfortable halt. Whoís fooling who?
Ever noticed how some people ask questions without really wanting the answers? Isnít it irritating when you find out they didnít really want the answer just wanted you to agree with them so that they could reinforce in their own mind that they are right. Usually, people that donít listen to reason, are in desperate need of adjustments to their thinking.  This is a common relationship problem worth writing lyrics about.
In the News
When a story on the news touches your emotions, it makes you realise what it is to be human. You care about people youíve never known. We are all in this together. We need to watch over each other.
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